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Aston Martin DB9
Aston Martin"With roughly $170,000 -- and six to nine months of patience -- the exclusive Aston Martin DB9 can be yours.

Drawing clear design cues from the DB series' history -- including the DB5 of Sean Connery's 007 in "Goldfinger" -- the new DB9 nevertheless makes a strikingly modern statement. And where other six-figure playthings spark styling debates, there's none with the Aston.

It's a truly beautiful car: Impeccable and understated, in sharp contrast to some cartoonish, adolescent supercars.

As early as 1993, a moribund Aston Martin produced just 42 cars. But from a new plant in Gaydon, England, they've sold a record 500 DB9s in North America alone since December. With a DB9 Volante convertible now on sale, and its Porsche-fighting V-8 Vantage debuting here in 2006, Aston foresees 5,000 sales worldwide."

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"DB9 is a thoroughbred sports car with GT levels of comfort and refinement. Its design philosophy is uncompromising and brings together everything that makes a sports car great with that unique Aston Martin character, borne out of craftsmanship and use of the finest quality materials.

So what is it that makes a great sports car?

Most cars are a series of compromises. The result is usually rational - even impressive on paper - but often bland and soulless in reality. Sports cars should be all about character and driver involvement. They need to look great, sound great and have power and performance to stir the soul. 2005 Aston Martin

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