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Coming soon: new parenting magazine from Fairchild/Conde Net: COOKIE MAGAZINE. All the best for your family. For the sophisticated family and parent, raising children.

After extensive testing last year, Fairchild Publications, publisher of Jane and W, this November will launch Cookie Magazine, an upscale lifestyle parenting bimonthly with a rate base of 300,000 and a cover price of $3.50. The goal is for Cookie Magazine to grow its frequency to 10 times yearly and reach a circulation of 500,000.

Cookie will showcase all the best for your family, featuring fashion, home, travel, entertainment and health for parents and their children. With a clean, stylish design aesthetic, Cookie is a fun and joyous celebration of the modern family lifestyle.

Pilar Guzmán was named editor in chief of Cookie Magazine, the new upscale lifestyle magazine for sophisticated parents, published by Fairchild, which is slated to launch in November, Ms. Guzmán, 34, describes Cookie as "a stylish and worldly, mom treat that will make it easy for busy but choosy women to explore the best new choices in everything from children's fashions to furnishings, from toys to travel, from books to birthday parties, vitamins to vaccinations. We will explore issues from finding the best child care to raising a bilingual child."

For the past two years Pilar Guzmán served as a senior editor and writer at Real Simple, where she worked on everything from home and gardening to food and health stories. Before that, Ms. Guzmán was the executive editor of the influential and short-lived One magazine. In between staff positions, Guzmán was a regular contributor for a number of different publications, including The New York Times House & Home section, I.D., Metropolis, Wallpaper, and Marie Claire, and was the design and architecture editor and columnist at City magazine.

Cookie Magazine is a new lifestyle publication for sophisticated parents. Each issue of Cookie helps make it easier for busy -- but choosy -- parents to target the best new choices for their children. From children's fashions to furnishings, toys to travel, and books to birthday parties, Cookie saves parents valuable time they might otherwise spend searching for the best products, entertainment options, and ideas. Plus, Cookie provides the latest health news, information, and inspiration to help parents and their children lead richer, fuller lives. With a clean, stylish design aesthetic, Cookie is a fun and joyous celebration of the modern family lifestyle.

After graduating from U.C. Berkeley with degrees in English and Italian, Ms. Guzmán got her start writing a travel guide to Italy for the Berkeley Guides' before working as a food critic and lifestyle writer for the New York Daily News. Ms. Guzmán is married and has a 16-month-old son, Henry.

Eva Dillon is Vice President, Publisher of Cookie, having been named to that position with the announcement of the magazine's launch in March 2005. Prior to Cookie, Ms Dillon was Vice President, Publisher of Jane. During her tenure there (1999 - 2005) revenues increased every year, resulting in Jane being named a "Top Ten Hottest Magazine" by Adweek in 1999, 2000 and 2001. In 2002, Advertising Age named Dillon as a "Woman to Watch" in its annual special report of women of accomplishment, and in 2004 the Chicago Tribune named the magazine as the ninth "Best Magazine" out of fifty.

Under her leadership, Jane was awarded MIN magazine's "Best Consumer Magazine for Marketing" in 2001, and two awards from MIN in 2004: an Integrated Marketing Award for JANE's UPC Technology promotions and a "Best of the Web" award for outstanding website marketing.

Before joining Fairchild, Dillon served as Associate Publisher of Glamour, having been promoted from Advertising Director in 1999. Prior to Glamour, she was the New York Manager of YM. She also served advertising sales positions at TV Guide and Adweek.

Eva is a founding member of a committee that raises money for St. Pius, a girls high school that serves underprivileged girls in the South Bronx. She is a graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University with a BA in music.

Cookie Magazine is a new lifestyle magazine that celebrates the joys of parenthood. It showcases all the best for your family, including fashions, furnishings, toys, books, birthday parties and travel that both parents and kids will love. With a clean, modern design, Cookie is full of fun and inspiration to lead a rich, wonderful life with your children.

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