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In-Sink-Erator Commercial Food Service Equipment
It should come as no surprise that In-Sink-Erator® has been making food service operations more productive for over six decades -- with solutions specifically designed for the food service marketplace. From stores to schools, from hotels to hospitals, our commercial food waste disposers, waste reduction systems and hot water dispensers are the number one choice.

On the following pages, you can read more about the many ways In-Sink-Erator products can enhance your day-to-day operations. Quietly flushing food wastes away with maximum energy efficiency. Reducing food wastes by 85% for easy bagging and disposal. And providing near-boiling hot water where and when you need it.

Food service kitchens have different needs than household kitchens, and a consumer model masquerading as a commercial model just won't do. At In-Sink-Erator, we offer a full line of commercial food waste disposers built from the top down to your specific needs.

With four sizes, including 11 different models, we have a commercial disposer for any size sink. All boast a stainless steel grind chamber, dual-direction cast iron shredders and heavy-duty Emerson motors for quiet operation and superior performance.

Take your choice of a switch or multi-function control center, with an optional Aqua Saver® system that can cut water usage 70% or more. We also offer a variety of sink and trough mountings, including special assemblies for dish tables and drainboards -- plus special control valves for more efficient operation.
Food waste that´s bagged and left in dumpsters, alleys or on curbsides can create very real problems. Odors and spillage are more than unpleasant, they´re dangerous because they attract rodents and insects.

That’s why In-Sink-Erator food waste disposers are found in so many food service kitchens. They make food preparation areas cleaner, more sanitary, and easier for working. You’ll find that the installation of an In-Sink-Erator food waste disposer can save your business money and hassles.

In addition, food waste disposers help reduce a growing environmental problem. When food waste is dumped in landfills, bacteria and other harmful organisms can seep into the ground and contaminate our water.

For over 60 years, In-Sink-Erator® has been committed to providing cost-effective, environmentally sound food waste solutions.

Disposer Facts:
Disposers keep food waste out of dumpsters. Food waste decomposing in dumpsters creates odors, attracts pests and serves as a breeding ground for bacteria.

Disposers make the recycling process easier, cleaner and more efficient. Disposers allow food service operations to separate messy food waste from bottles, cans, plastics and paper.

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