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LCD VS Plasma VS CRT TV Projection VS HDTV Reviews
Sony Plasma"Once upon a time, when only analog, tube TVs were around, buying a new set used to be a whole lot less of a nerve-racking experience. Now, there are all sorts of questions. Do you go wide or not? Is LCD better than plasma? And what's the difference between new rear-projection LCD, LCoS, and DLP HDTVs? If all the tech jargon has you confused, don't worry. Read our guide to the pros and cons of new, high-tech TVs, and you'll feel a whole lot more confident when you hit your local electronics store."
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"Currently, flat TVs are created using two different technologies: plasma and Liquid Crystal Display (LCD). The foundation of the plasma TV is over a million tiny glass cells that are charged with a mixture of neon and xenon. Behind these cells are colored phosphors, which are chemical compounds that emit light when energized. Each cell has three phosphors; one red, one blue, and one green. When activated by an electrode, the plasma cells emit invisible UV light. The UV light strikes the red, green and blue phosphors on the back of the display and thus creates the pixels that form the image you see on the screen. LCD (Liquid Crystal Display."

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n my Times column yesterday, I suggested that the masses yearning for plasma TV?s now have an attractive alternative: LCD televisions, which are finally available in ?sweet spot? sizes like 42, 45 and 46 inches."
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Now, just about everything published in the Times provokes a handful of vitriolic responses?even, I?m guessing, the weather report. In this case, I made it worse by stepping into one of those simmering us-vs.-them issues that, unfortunately, has come to characterize so much of American life these days: LCD vs. plasma. "I read your Fully Equipped flat-panel-frenzy article and would like to know if you could provide any further information on LCD vs. plasma. One thing that has me concerned about plasma TVs is the "burn-in" issue that you wrote about. Have manufacturers made any progress resolving this problem?"
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