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Sony Qualia and Concierge
Sony Qualia 005 LCD HDTVNot much is known about Sony's mysterious Concierge service amd Qualia eletronic products (tv, dvd-players, blue-ray, digital cameras, projectors, audio receivers and more). A New York store has opened with great service and concierge support. Prices range very high and exclusive products. Here's the press release:

NEW YORK, Sept. 22 /PRNewswire/ – In an effort to create a unique, personalized shopping experience for its QUALIA™ line of products, Sony Electronics today celebrated the grand opening of its first QUALIA store in the U.S.

The Manhattan location of QUALIA New York features a concierge at the entrance to the store and appointment-driven, one-on-one product demonstrations with retail consultants.

Situated within the Sony Style® store at 550 Madison Avenue between 55th and 56th Streets, the store opening featured the introduction of two televisions to be sold in the U.S. – QUALIA 005 and QUALIA 006.

QUALIA 005 is the world’s first LCD flat-panel television equipped with a TRILUMINOS™ LED Backlight System. It produces exceptional color variation for a high quality picture that achieves full 1920x1080 HD resolution.

QUALIA 006 is the first rear-projection TV with Sony® Silicon X-tal Reflective Display™ (SXRD) technology, which was originally introduced in the QUALIA 004 front projector. The new 70-inch micro-display is the industry’s first rear projection set to achieve 1920x1080 HD resolution.

The QUALIA New York store offers consumers a complete Sony experience at retail. A second QUALIA shop will open next month in the new Sony Style store at the Las Vegas Caesar’s Forum Shops.

“Because QUALIA products represent the ultimate expression of technology, craftsmanship and design, we knew that we had to create a very special retail environment to encourage consumers to experience QUALIA first-hand,” said Mike Fasulo, president of Sony Electronics eSolutions Company, which is spearheading the QUALIA initiative and the expansion of Sony Style stores in the U.S.

The new QUALIA store showcases Sony’s diverse line of QUALIA products, including QUALIA 004, a SXRD home theater front projector; QUALIA 016, a stealth digital still camera; QUALIA 017, a one-of-a-kind MiniDisc player; and QUALIA 010, a set of uniquely pure sounding headphones. As new products like the QUALIA 005, an LCD flat-panel TV and QUALIA 006, a SXRD micro-display TV are introduced, they will be added to the store collection.

“The QUALIA product line is the beginning of an ongoing consumer relationship with Sony,” Fasulo said. “After purchasing a product, each customer will receive a personalized letter from their own concierge as well as access to Sony’s exclusive Cierge program, along with invitations to Sony movies and other entertainment events.”

To celebrate the opening of the QUALIA New York store, a photo exhibit entitled QUALIA 016: Celebrating the Chronicles of Life, has been commissioned. The exhibit features digital images taken by notable personalities and celebrities using the QUALIA 016, a digital still camera.

In conjunction with the New York store opening, a new consumer web site has been launched at www.sony.com/QUALIA. More information is available by calling 1-877-QUALIA3 or by visiting the web site.


"The (extremely) high-end Qualia 007 Super Audio CD Player (first shown at CES) is a designer’s wet dream come true. Place a CD pretty much any where in the loading area and three pistons raise it up in the air, centering the disc as they go. The laser is held in a fork that slides out and grabs the disc. Pretty show aside, the 007 outputs sound in digital format through its 32-bit S-Master dual-channel to two custom-built speakers made from Japanese Maple."
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